Pay Directly through Enroll Now Ebill provided through   Enroll Now Your Bank
    SAMíS CLUB DISCOVER Account Management Features      
        Download Transactions Yes No No
        View Transactions since your most recent statement Yes No No
        Update Account Information - Address, Mail Preferences Yes No No
        Request Convenience Checks or Balance Transfers Yes No No
    Billing & Payment Features      
        Free Service * Yes Yes Search over 2000 banks that offer online billing and payment. Service features and fees may vary.
        Payments debited from your checking account Yes Yes
        How quickly will payments post to my account 2 Days 1-2 Days
        Ability to schedule payments in the future Yes Yes
        Ability to turn on and off Auto-pay options No Yes
        Ability to set dollar limits for auto payments. N/A Yes
        Ability to set up multiple funding acounts for payment. Yes Yes
        eMail reminder about bill N/A Yes
        Ability to stop receiving Paper Statements No Yes
        Paper bills still delivered Yes Yes, for 2 months
        Ability to view and print past statements & payment history Yes, for 3 months Yes, for 6 months
* Existing banking or internet service fees may apply