Stash Hotel Rewards® Program Terms ("Terms")

By applying for a Stash Hotel Rewards® Visa Signature® Card or Stash Hotel Rewards® Visa® Platinum Card (each a "Stash Visa Card") account, you acknowledge you either have previously signed up for a Stash Hotel Rewards Membership (the "Stash Program") or you agree to be automatically enrolled in the Stash Program, and that you ("Stash Member") have read and agree to the Membership Terms and Conditions ("Membership Terms") available at By opening a Stash Visa Card, you agree to the Membership Terms and to these Terms.

Make Purchases with your Stash Visa Card and Earn Stash Points
When you use your Stash Visa Card to make purchases, you will automatically earn points ("Stash Points") in your Stash Program account if your Stash Visa Card account is open and in good standing.

Stash Points that you earn using your Stash Visa Card are in addition to Stash Points you earn through your Stash Program account with your Stash Hotel Rewards Membership. Stash Points earned with your Stash Visa Card within each billing cycle will be credited to your Stash Program account generally at the end of such billing cycle; however, this process may be delayed for Eligible Purchases made at certain Participating Hotels. If you believe there is an error in how your Stash Points earned are calculated, please call 1-855-485-6325. From time to time, you may be offered additional incentives by Participating Hotels for being a Stash Visa Card accountholder.

Redeem Your Points
All Stash Points you earn with your Stash Visa Card can be redeemed through your Stash Program account by visiting Redemption of Stash Points is subject to the Membership Terms and the actual number of Stash Points required to earn a free night at a Participating Hotel is subject to change based on a number of factors, including seasonality and occupancy rate. If you are a Stash Visa Card accountholder, you will earn a travel redemption bonus when you redeem your Stash Points to use towards your next redemption at a Participating Hotel (a "Redemption Stay"). The travel redemption bonus will be Stash Points equal to 10% of the points you redeemed for the Redemption Stay and will be credited to your Stash Program account within 5 business days of your Redemption Stay. For example, if you redeem 15,000 Stash Points for a Redemption Stay you will earn 1,500 points back in your Stash Program account. If your Stash Visa Card is closed at the time of your Redemption Stay, you will no longer be eligible for the travel redemption bonus.

Other Conditions
The Stash Program is owned and operated by RevPAR Collective, Inc. ("RevPar"). Stash Program participation and its benefits are offered at the sole discretion of RevPar. RevPar reserves the right to cancel, modify, restrict, waive or terminate the Stash Program or any aspects or features of the Stash Program at any time and without prior notice. Stash Hotel Rewards reserves the right to remove anyone from the Stash Program in the event of any fraud or abuse in connection with the Stash Program. Stash Points earned under the Stash Program have no cash value, are not redeemable for cash, and are not property of the Stash Member. If your Stash Visa Card is closed, only the Membership Terms will apply to your Stash Program account and not these Terms.